Nanyang University offers an MSC in Marketing in Singapore. The program develops comprehensive marketing expertise and the latest techniques and tools. The highlights of the program are-

  • Short and Intensive Duration
  • Delivers Fundamental Knowledge of Marketing and Consumer Insights
  • Diverse and Vibrant Class
  • Real Company projects
  • Exposure to AI, Robotics. VR, and Digital Marketing
  • Cutting-edge Modules

The Curriculum of Nanyang MSC in Marketing

The curriculum consists of core modules, consumer insights modules, and technology modules. The core modules are Strategic Marketing, Branding, Marketing Analytics, Marketing Research, Finance for Marketing Research, and Corporate B2B Marketing.

The Consumer Insight Modules are Integrated Marketing Communications, Ethnography in Practice, and Consumer Psychology.

The Technology Modules are Digital Marketing, A/VR, AI, and Robotics in Marketing and Consumer Neuroscience and Neuromarketing.

Faculty Members-

The faculty members are-

  • Professor Lewis Lim- Associate Professor of Marketing Practice and Academic Director of Nanyang Professional MBA
  • Professor Ng Ling, Sharon- Head of Marketing Division at Nanyang Business School
  • Professor Zhang Kuangjie- Associate Professor of Marketing Science at Nanyang Business School
  • Professor Lim Ai Ching- Associate Professor at the Division of Marketing
  • Professor Xonlong Li- Assistant Professor
  • Professor Goh Kim Huat- Academic Director of Nanyang MBA Program
  • Professor Michelle Phang Mee Seong- Senior Lecturer
  • Zhu Zinan- Senior Lecturer

Admission Requirements and Deadlines

The admission requirements of Nanyang MSC in Marketing Science program are-

  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
  • GMAT/GRE scores
  • IELTS/TOEFL scores
  • Application Fee
  • Interview
  • Essay Questions( Compulsory)
  • CV
  • Passport Photo
  • Referee Reports

Application Deadlines

The Nanyang MSC in Marketing Science program has two application deadlines. The first application deadline is in January and the second application deadline is in March.

Application Process

  • Applicants can apply for the program by using the online application system. The application must demonstrate strong intellectual capabilities, solid career progression, professional achievements, leadership potential, and cultural sensitivity.
  • Students must prepare and collect all the supporting documents.
  • Complete the online application form by paying the application fee( S $100)
  • After the assessment of the application selected students are invited for an interview.
  • Candidates who have successfully passed the interview will be notified through email.
  • Students have to accept the offer and pay the application fee.

Cost of the Program and Financial Aid

The cost of the Nanyang MSC in Marketing Program is S $63,061. The cost covers the application fee, enrollment fee, tuition fees, student service fee, and health service fee.

Students can pay their fees in installments at the beginning of each term. The enrollment fee is non-refundable and is to be paid after the acceptance of the offer.

Financial Aid

The financial aid options are-

  • Prodigy Finance
  • ASEAN Development Scholarship
  • MSC Marketing Science Merit Scholarship
  • NTU Alumni Grant
  • Singapore Citizen and Singapore PR Grant


The scholarships offered by The Nanyang Technological University are-

  • MSC Marketing Science Merit Scholarships– The MSC Marketing Science Merit Scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis. The scholarship covers tuition fees. It is awarded based on academic credentials, and performance in the admission interview. To apply for this scholarship students have to complete the scholarship essay, in the online application form. Students must submit their application form during the first round of application.
  • ASEAN Development Scholarship– ASEAN Development Scholarship is awarded to ASEAN member countries except for Singapore. The scholarship covers 40/ of the tuition fees. The scholarship is awarded based on academic records, leadership qualities, and potential and career progression. To apply for this scholarship students have to fill out the scholarship section in the online application.

Career Paths

Nanyang MSC in Marketing equips students with comprehensive marketing expertise, techniques, and tools to withstand the arduous competition. The job roles offered to the students after the completion of the program are Marketing Analyst, Marketing Account Manager, Brand Manager, Marcom Specialist, and Market Research Specialist.

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